VIDEO: Temple Univ. Student Concealed Carry Saves Life

Concealed Carry stories like this manage to infuriate me and make me happy at the same time.

A Temple University student by the name of Robert Eels was smoking outside of his off-campus apartment on September 5th, 2011 when he was approached by a group of black teenagers demanding money. Eels refused to give the group of thugs his money, and one of them, a 15 year old, pulled out a gun and started shooting at the student. Thankfully, Eels, 21, was a LEGAL Concealed Carry permit holder, pulled out his concealed carry weapon and returned the fire. Eels received a bullet wound in the stomach, and his attacker was hit in both his chest and leg. Both Eels and the assailant will recover from their wounds, and the attacker will be charged with aggravated assault, among other things.

Temple’s response? “Students are not allowed to carry firearms on the campus of Temple University.” In other words, Eels would have been put on probation or possible even expelled if he had actually been on Temple’s campus. If you are not familiar with Temple University, it is located in North Philadelphia and has a pretty consistent record of shootings, rapes and the like. Temple’s answers to all problems in the ghetto? Go find a blue box and call the police. Last time I checked, a murder, rapist or other criminal doesn’t usually give you the option of calling the police and waiting for them to arrive. Usually, JUST USUALLY, they shoot you and run. Thankfully Eels was off-campus when the shooting occurred so he can’t be reprimanded, but it puts a bitter taste in my mouth that universities across the country punish law-abiding citizens, like Eels, for protecting themselves and exercising their rights as an American.
Below is the video from local news about the shooting:

Police: Temple Student Shot During Botched Robbery:

- Do you think Concealed Carry on college campuses should be allowed? If so, do you think it ever will be?
- What do you think about a 15 year old running around a major city and assaulting law-abiding citizens?
- How can this sort of crime, which is rampant in major cities, be avoided?

Let us know in the comments below.

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One Response to VIDEO: Temple Univ. Student Concealed Carry Saves Life

  1. I think CCW should not be prohibited anywhere if you have registered and have a CCW permit you should be able to go anywhere with it without having any repercussions. That is the reason you get a CCW is to protect yourself and the ones you love and what is rightfully yours. You do not get one to go out and commit crimes and you are responsible.

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