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  • Top 10 Concealed Weapons in the Country

    Top 10 Average Concealed Weapons

    We here at CCW By State want to make sure that you are kept up to date on some of the most exciting facts that we have found regarding CCW Reciprocity, CCW Laws & 2nd Amendment News. On top of that, we also want to make sure that you are kept up to date on what weapons are being used the most and have become the most popular for CCW. Every single person wants to make sure that they have a good carry weapon for their protection, however, they sometimes don’t know exactly know what to look for. With the thousands of handguns on the market, from .22′s to .40 calibers, it can be quite a daunting task to research each and every CCW weapon before you make that exciting purchase. Therefore, we have taken the time to compile a list of the top 10 average concealed weapons that are currently available in the United States [This list is on not sponsored by any of the makers of the following CCWs]

    As you can see, the list will start from the top, down to the most used. Each gun will have to have sufficient things in order to make the list. The list that we have put together makes it so that you won’t have to worry about power, ease of use, reliability, and most important of all – comfort. Bottom line, if you don’t have a single one of these key things, then you are obviously carrying around the wrong gun and are sacrificing some important things that you will may need, should the situation occur.

    Another thing to remember is that you need to make sure that you are comfortable using your concealed weapon, and that you can rely on it at any given moment’s notice. You won’t have an average of five minutes before an engagement happens to make sure that you are prepared to handle it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can pull it out, cock it, and then cap it with ease and comfort. After all, we at CCW By State want to make sure that you are kept safe and fully prepared for EVERY situation.

    10.) Glock Model 36 – This gun is slim and sleek, which allows you to comfortably use it and carry it around without having to worry about lugging around too big of a weapon.

    9.) Kel-Tec P3AT – This gun covers all of the criteria above, and is in essence a grandfather model of Rugers and Taurus’. This gun is fantastic, and it would be easy for you to manage it and learn how to use it efficiently.

    8.) Kahr PM9 – Great shooter. Has a perfect weight balance that will be reliable for you at any given moment. The gun does not have to be fluffed or buffed, and will feel very comfortable in your hand.

    7.) Glock Model 19 – This is a perfect fit of beauty, weight, and balance. This is a wonderful shooter that is easy to manage, and has a wonderful recoil and shot follow-up. This is one of the most popular CCW guns in the world, and not just in the states.

    6.) Springfield XD Compact .45 – This smaller frame of a .45 will help make it feel like a real bull coming out of the gate. This gun helps handle the formidable .45 cartridges very well. It has a great match of balance and power in a medium to small package that is extremely accurate. The only drawback to this gun is that it is extremely accurate outside the normal defense range of seven to ten feet.

    5.) Smith and Wesson M&P Full Size .40 S&W – This gun will outshine and out handle any other gun of the same caliber. The reason being, it has a fantastic grip. This gun has a wonderful ability of having interchangeable back straps, that will help anybody with smaller hands. This gun just feels like an attachment to your arm, and will fit in your hand easily.

    4.) Glock Model 22 Gen4 – This is one of the guns that you will have to consider depending on some of the facts that we are about to mention here at CCW By State. This is not a small gun, but the grip might or might not fit in your hand. This gun is powerful enough to make a great choice, if you are looking for a gun that has stopping power. However, today’s holster design enables you to decide whether or not you would like to have this gun holstered inside or outside of the waistband.

    3.) Glock Model 23 – This gun is just slightly smaller then the model 22, however this is a hands down winner. This gun is a perfect fit for an ‘anytime’ carry.

    2.) Smith and Wesson Model M&P 340 CT Revolver (.357/.38 Special +P) – This is one of the best snub-nosed revolvers on the market today. This gun is one of the hardest to make a decision upon. Simply due tot he fact that it is so large and bulky. The accuracy isn’t all there, however if you practice with it enough, you can get a knack for using the gun. It has enough stopping power to ensure that there will no longer be a threat that you have to worry about.

    1.) North American Arms NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver – Whenever you are thinking about a concealed weapon that you can carry, you have to think about whether or not you are going to actually be carrying it with you wherever you go. This mini-gun is exactly what people are looking for. If you are worried about your well-being at any given time, this gun is perfect. With this gun, you can be rest-assured that your well-being will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about keeping it in a safe or finding a perfect position for it. This gun is one of the few guns that you can actually carry on your person at any given time, and allows you to remain safe.

    As you can see, we have outlined a huge list of possible Concealed weapons that have been voted, by regular users like yourself, the top ten carried guns in the country. Take great care when you are trying to pick out your gun to use, as it is most important that your gun fits you as an individual. And before we end this post, we must say it again. Always be sure to fully understand CCW Reciprocity with regards to your state in order to fully protect yourself, your liberty and your freedom.

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  • When Is CCW Practical?

    Is CCW Practical?

    For those of you who don’t already know, we here at CCW By State believe that carrying a concealed weapon is an individual right and is up to the individual person. We hope that while you are browsing CCW By State, that you are informed as much as you possibly can be. In a recent study, researchers have found that people believe that it is justified to use a concealed weapon as self defense, but often find that it might be impractical. In any situation, you have to ask yourself, which is the fastest way to defend yourself?

    Would it be easiest to pull out a container of mace, pull out a tazer, or pull out a concealed weapon and fire? One of the major things about having a concealed weapon on your person is whether or not that they should be used in every single self defense case. If you are merely being stalked, is it justified to turn around and shoot someone? Or would it be safer for you to politely ask them to stop, and then if they engage in a fight with you to do something about it? The task is up to you for you to decide and determine which is the right path for you to follow. We at CCW By State believe that everyone is entitled to their civil liberties, but they should also know the ins and outs of carrying a concealed weapon.

    At any given point, if an attacker is assaulting you, then you need to have some form of self defense. If you have a concealed weapon, then you need to be aware of the fact that the weapon can be taken away from you and used against you at any given point. One of the biggest disadvantages of carrying an armed concealed weapon, is that it could possibly be used against you. To make sure this happens, you would need to make sure that you are prepared to defend yourself in a situation where the gun was turned on you, or if the assailant was trying to manipulate the situation and turn it in their favor.

    Every individual needs to be aware of the responsibilities that come with having a concealed weapon and a CCW Permit. You need to be sure that you have all of the right paperwork to carry your weapon, fully understand CCW reciprocity as it applies to your state, and most importantly be aware of your state’s self-defense laws. Always be sure that you are, at all times, following all of the guidelines set by your state (Click Here to find your state’s specific CCW laws, CCW Reciprocity guidelines and more). So I leave you with one question, do you believe that having a concealed weapon is practical as a means of self defense in every situation, or should it only be used in life threatening situations?

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  • POPULAR: Bearded Mickey Mouse Picture Causes Stir in Egypt (img)

    bearded mickey mouse egypt

    The Infamous "Bearded Mickey Mouse" Picture

    An Egyptian Christian telecom mogul has angered Islamic hard-liners by posting an online cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil.

    The ultraconservative Islamists, known as Salafis, called the cartoon posted by Naguib Sawiris on Twitter a mockery of Islam. They launched an online campaign calling on Muslims in Egypt to boycott Sawiris’ mobile phone company Mobinil. Shares of Mobilnil and Orascom Telecom, which Sawiris founded, both fell Monday on the Egyptian stock exchange.

    Sawiris, who is also a politician, promotes a secular Egypt. He owns media companies and after Mubarak stepped down on Feb. 11, he launched a political party that calls for separation of state and religion.

    After the cartoon posted a few days ago stirred complaints on Twitter, Sawiris tweeted an apology on Friday and claimed he was joking.

    “I apologize for those who don’t take this as a joke; I just thought it was a funny picture; no disrespect meant. I am sorry,” he tweeted.

    But new Facebook groups cropped and quickly gained more than 60,000 followers, calling for a boycott of his widely used cell phone company.

    Named “We are joking Sawiris,” the Facebook group said: “If you are really a Muslim, and you love your religion, boycott his projects. We have to cut out the tongue of any person who attacks our religion.”

    Continue Reading at BusinessWeek.com

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  • STATISTICS: Guns Increase, Crime Decreases

    Gun Ownership Rises to All-Time High,
    Violent Crime Falls to 35-Year Low

    Coinciding with a surge in gun purchases that began shortly before the 2008 elections, violent crime decreased six percent between 2008 and 2009, including an eight percent decrease in murder and a nine percent decrease in robbery.1 Since 1991, when violent crime peaked, it has decreased 43 percent to a 35-year low. Murder has fallen 49 percent to a 45-year low.2 At the same time, the number of guns that Americans own has risen by about 90 million. Predictions by gun control supporters, that increasing the number of guns, particularly handguns and so-called “assault weapons,” would cause crime to increase, have been proven profoundly lacking in clairvoyance.4

    gun statistics, ccw statistics, ccw by state statistics, increase gun decrease crime

    More Guns: There are well over 250 million privately-owned firearms in the U.S., including nearly 100 million handguns and tens of millions of “assault weapons”—the types of firearms that gun control supporters have tried the hardest to get banned5—and the number of firearms typically rises about 4 million per year.6 Annual numbers of new AR-15s, the most popular semi-automatic rifle that gun control supporters call an “assault weapon,” are soaring. In 2008, there were more than 337,000 new AR-15s configured for home defense, competition, training, recreational target practice and hunting.7 NRA-supported Instant Check firearm transactions have increased over 10 percent annually since 2006.8

    Less Gun Control: Over the last quarter-century, many federal, state and local gun control laws have been eliminated or made less restrictive. The federal “assault weapon” ban, upon which gun control supporters claimed public safety hinged, expired in 2004 and the murder rate has since dropped 10 percent. The federal handgun waiting period, for years the centerpiece of gun control supporters’ agenda, expired in 1998, in favor of the NRA-supported national Instant Check, and the murder rate has since dropped 21 percent. Accordingly, some states have eliminated obsolete ccw by state waiting periods and purchase permit requirements. There are now 40 Right-to-Carry states, an all-time high, up from 10 in 1987. All states have hunter protection laws, 48 have range protection laws, 48 prohibit local gun laws more restrictive than state law, 44 protect the right to arms in their constitutions, 33 have “castle doctrine” laws protecting the right to use guns in self-defense, and Congress and 33 states prohibit frivolous lawsuits against the firearm industry.9 Studies for Congress, the Congressional Research Service, the Library of Congress, the National Institutes of Justice, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that gun control reduces crime. The FBI doesn’t list gun control as one of the many factors that determine the type and level of crime from place to place.


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