OPINION: Smart Pro-Gun Debates to Silence 2nd Amendment Dissenters

“Guns don’t kill, people do.”

“If guns are responsible for murders, then spoons are responsible for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.”

“Gun control means hitting your target.”

guns dont kill people people do

The Only Real Security Solution

These are some of my favorite pro-gun quips, and they are all true. However, when faced with an emotional anti-gun zealot, it might be better to shelve these in exchange for a more engaging approach.

Our inept Federal government is often one of my favorite go-to arguments. I often cite “Fast and Furious” as an example of the government’s penchant for waste and mismanagement. After hearing the details of the ATF’s gun-trafficking surveillance fiasco, even clear-headed gun control proponents find it hard to argue its practical implementation.

In As Concealed Carry Increases No Crime Increases, CCW By State guest blogger Denise Gabbard uses another one of my favorite debate tactics: statistics. It’s important to note that she references rates instead of numbers. Rates are the foundation of a good argument and the only way to properly convey relativity.

Gauge your opponent and determine the best approach. I prefer a discussion that involves a constructive exchange of ideas. While it won’t necessarily win you a new shooting buddy, it is much more likely to change some hearts and minds about both firearm ownership and firearm owners.

Do you have a favorite approach or good debate story to share? Please chime in at the comment section!

Greg Nowak is a life-long shooter, IDPA member and NRA-certified pistol instructor providing firearm safety and handling instruction to individuals and small groups. He is the owner of 1-on-1 Guns in Beverly, Massachusetts. To get licensed to carry firearms in Massachusetts, contact him at 978-712-4412 or 1on1guns@gmail.com.

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