Ron Paul on Gun Control & “Plan to Restore America” Deficit Plan

“Since police cannot be everywhere all at one time, a large part of our personal safety depends on our ability to defend ourselves”
- Ron Paul

When we regularly talk about law abiding citizens and the carrying of firearms, we often don’t realize that that right exists for a single reason: the U.S. Constitution. Our Founding Fathers witnessed the horrible oppression of the British Empire and vowed to create a nation that would prevent oppression in the form of a Constitutional Republic. The 2nd Amendment, which most of our readers are very familiar with, is one of the many constitutional freedoms that the Founders of our country were adamant about instilling in the backbone of our great nation.

Despite the media’s disdain for him, Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate who stands for individual liberty and who WILL protect your rights under the 2nd Amendment – and your rights under the rest of the U.S. Constitution. The video below is Ron Paul’s response to the shooting of Gabriel Giffords and the Anti-Gun politician using the tragedy as a platform to pass anti-gun legislation.

“Liberty only has meaning if we still believe in it when terrible things happen”

-Ron Paul

You may be sitting at your computer desk saying, “Ron Paul? Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer say he’s crazy!” Before making a judgement on Doctor/Congressman Ron Paul, realize that he is the only candidate who has a strong position on your right to legally carry concealed weapons, as well as a plan that will significantly reduce our nation’s debt and Restore America Now. Don’t believe me? Look up his voting record. He is the only politician in the Beltway who has consistently voted the same on EVERY issue and has voted against every issue that impedes on YOUR individual liberty or on the US Constitution – which resulted in his fellow congressmen dubbing him “Dr. No.”

The Media dismisses him as crazy. But Why? Maybe it’s because he believes that every law-abiding citizen has the right to legally carry concealed weapons to protect themselves as well as their fellow citizens? Or maybe he is too against-the-grain in believing that the federal government should not be intruding on your personal freedoms? Or maybe the media ignores him because he doesn’t want our high school graduates dying in a dessert half-way across the world for an unknown goal? Or maybe, just MAYBE, he is “unelectable” because he wants to drastically cut entitlement spending to bring our country back to the great nation that our Founding Fathers intended?

ron paul on gun control plan to restore america

Ron Paul vs CBO Budget Plan

If all of the above is considered “crazy” by the mainstream media, then count me in. The “mainstream” politicians have been a detriment to this country for the past 20 years in every respect – and the “regular joe’s” are the people who end up suffering. While Washington politicians live comfortably in their mansions and vacationing on their yachts, Ron Paul is vowing to not only drastically decrease the perks of being a congressmen/woman, but also decrease the Presidential salary by 92% if he is elected – that is, he will change the current $450,000 salary that Obama is receiving down to the average American salary of $39,000 – what does that say about a man’s character?

Below is Ron Paul’s Restore America Now plan, released today (10/17/2011) which breaks down exactly how he will return this country to what our Founding Fathers had intended. It is an easy read in that it is only a few pages. No matter your political leanings, your already-established thoughts on Ron Paul, or anything else – please read his plan. No other candidate including (and especially) Obama has any plan that comes close to the detail and specificity of Paul’s plan to cut spending and protect your Constitutional rights.

Ron Paul – Plan to Restore America

[Click to view PDF in new window]

Or if you aren’t in a reading mood right now, watch Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” announcement below:


- What do you think about Ron Paul?
- Why do you think the media has been ignoring him?
- Why do you think he is in 3rd with cash-on-hand without the corporate donors of Romney and Perry?
- If you aren’t a fan, why not?

Politics isn’t our thing, but we encourage discussion on the topic because the 2012 election will effect each and every one of us in more ways than one. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Ron Paul on Gun Control & “Plan to Restore America” Deficit Plan

  1. I was brought here by Ron Paul’s Black This Out donation campaign page. Great article!

    President Paul 2012

    • Thanks Mac. After doing a lot of research on the candidates, Ron Paul is the only candidate who I know will protect our rights under the 2nd Amendment, as well as the rest of our individual liberties. His record speaks for itself. Glad you liked the article.

  2. Not sure about lowering the Pres salary by that much.
    The position has a hell of a lot of pressure and requires just a tad more than the ‘average’ job.
    Maybe cap it at 200,000

    • Hahah, yes. The salary reduction isn’t really necessary in my opinion, but it seems like a testament to the man’s interest in changing the country for the better (rather than for the money/power). He also believes in extremely limiting the executive. He is the last true statesman, and the only politician who has never contradicted himself. I always thought he was a looney toon b/c of how he is displayed by the media, but after researching his voting record and liberty-based principles, I plan on voting for him in the primaries.

  3. Truth and Freedom says:

    Congressman Paul Paul purports to be a “constitutionalist” but was not among the 245 cosponsors or 272 votes for H.R. 822 (National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act) on November 16. He also was one of two U.S. Representatives who signed the pro-gun congressional amicus brief in the Heller case but did not do so in the McDonald case. Finally, Dr. Paul was one of three Republican congressmen — joining anti-gun colleagues Mike Castle and Chris Shays — to vote twice against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which shut down frivolous lawsuits against the firearms industry that attempt to bankrupt them by holding them civilly liable for the criminal misuse of their products by others.

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