Pro-American Band Advocating for the 2nd Amendment

Madison Rising ( is a pro-American band whose latest cause is to help bring awareness to the relentless attacks on one of the most cherished rights granted in the Constitution: The right to keep and bear arms. On January 30th, the band released a video for their single “Right To Bear.”

The song and video have already generated considerable controversy regarding the Second Amendment and the ongoing issues of open and concealed carry gun laws around the country. The band encouraged their fans to go out and purchase Starbucks coffee on Valentine’s Day when the The National Gun Victim’s Action Council (NGAC) lead an effort of a national boycott of Starbucks Coffee to try to force a change in the company’s “open carry” gun policy at hundreds of its retail locations.

“There’s a reason it’s the second amendment,” continued Dave Bray(Navy Vet, NRA member), the band’s lead singer. “It’s not the ninth, it’s not the fourth; it’s the second. And at the end of the day, it’s the only thing protecting the first. We’re talking last line of defense. The authors of the constitution knew exactly what they were doing and these rights are just as important now as they were two centuries ago. It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced a society may become. Human nature never changes.”

The band’s Right To Bear video prominently features several high profile anti-gun politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi, as well as key pro-gun advocates like NRA president David Keene. The band openly endorses national right to carry laws.

It’s not often we come across talented artists who are also advocates for the 2nd Amendment. Please support our friends of Madison Rising by visiting their website or purchasing their single, Right to Bear Arms:

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