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  1. ray anderson says:

    what or where should you put your firearm when you are traveling and enter or about to enter an area where it’s illegal to carry?

    If you lock your loaded gun into a lock box/vault under the seat of a pickup truck,does that make you legal or does the gun need to be unloaded and separate the ammo and gun even though it’s locked away in the box?

  2. Hi Ray,
    It completely depends on the state. Some states, like New Jersey, make it illegal for you to drive into the state regardless of whether the gun is on your hip or whether the gun is in a lockbox and the ammo is somewhere else. In other states, it may be acceptable to simply separate the gun and ammo for it to be safe.

    It 100% depends on the state you are talking about, so before you do anything be sure to figure this out and keep yourself legal. I am going to have a Q & A section up here pretty soon to help answer these questions even better. Hope that helped, let me know if you need anything else.

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