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UPDATE (23.04.2014 18:49h): Arizona: Senate approves another gun bill

Under the bill, officers would be required to certify or deny a weapon within 60 days. Kavanagh says some agencies take too long or don't process the application at all. His original bill called for a 15-day deadline for applications at the local level, but an amendment extended that. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 18:49h): Georgia: Governor to sign Right-to-Carry legislation

At noon Wednesday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is scheduled to sign the sweeping legislation into law. One of the most permissive state gun laws in the nation, it will allow licensed owners to carry firearms into more public places than at any time in the past century, including bars and government buildings that don't have security checkpoints. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 02:43h): Nebraska: Emergency Powers Protection Bill Signed into Law

Today, Governor Dave Heineman R signed Legislative Bill 390 into law. LB 390 passed unanimously in the Nebraska Legislature during its Final Reading on April 17, in the last hour of the 2014 legislative session. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 02:43h): Louisiana: House Committee Removes Bill to Repeal Self-Defense Law from Tomorrow's Agenda

House Bill 826, NRA-opposed legislation sponsored by state Representative Wesley Bishop D-New Orleans to repeal Louisiana's "stand your ground" statute, has been removed from Wednesday's House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee schedule. However, another anti-gun measure is on the committee agenda and your help is still needed to stop that one in its tracks! [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 02:43h): Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread

Last week, we sent an alert asking Pennsylvania NRA members to report to our State and Local Affairs Division if their employer has a policy which prohibits employees from transporting to/from and storing firearms in their locked, private motor vehicles while parked at work, and the response has been overwhelming! Within 24 hours, our office received hundreds of e-mails reporting these types of policies, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the local grocery store on the corner. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 02:43h): Florida Report: Discrimination against Gun Owners by Insurance Companies

Senate Bill 424 to Stop Discrimination by Insurance Companies Against Gun Owners has PASSED THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE!!!!! The bill was sponsored by Representative Matt Gaetz R in the House and Senator Tom Lee R in the Senate. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.04.2014 02:43h): Gun silencer sales are booming

Sales are booming for silencers, the cylindrical devices used to muffle gunfire. The civilian market for silencers soared 37% in 2013, when the total number shot up to nearly a half a million, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives registry. That's compared to 360,000 in 2012 and 285,000 in 2011. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:42h): Georgia: Governor to Sign Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill on Wednesday

This Wednesday, April 23, Governor Nathan Deal R will sign House Bill 60 into law, the most comprehensive pro-gun bill in state history. Once signed into law, HB 60 will take effect on July 1, 2014. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:42h): Husband defends wife and home from intruder, KPRC, Houston, Texas, 04/21/14

A husband and wife were asleep at home in Houston, Texas when they were awakened by someone attempting to break in through their front door. The husband responded by retrieving a gun, as his wife called the authorities. When the home invader managed to get into the home through a back door, the husband shot the criminal. The wounded home invader then moved in a way that made the husband believe he was reaching for something, prompting the husband to shoot the intruder again. The home invader later died at a nearby hospital. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:42h): Supreme Court pushes consideration of N.J. gun case to April 25

The U.S. Supreme Court has pushed its consideration of a case challenging New Jersey’s mandate that citizens show a “justifiable need” to carry a gun in public for protection to April 25. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:42h): The NRA still true to its calling

Certain things remain constant in America, despite the best efforts of, say, Hollywood, the mainstream news media, liberal culture and progressive politics. Old Glory and Old Faithful come to mind, along with the National Rifle Association — which will show just how constant it is in about 48 hours, when the organization’s annual membership meeting begins in Indianapolis. The theme this year is “Stand and Fight.” Though the group has mastered contemporary public outreach and commands the most forward-thinking communication platforms, the NRA is still the NRA, without apology or compromise. The massive three-day event is on message. It has ... [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:41h): Kopel: The First Amendment guide to the Second Amendment

Back in 1995, the Tennessee Law Review published a symposium issue on the Second Amendment and firearms policy. That symposium was probably the most influential law review symposium ever published on the topic. More on that issue, below. This year, the Tennessee Law Review is doing another Second Amendment symposium. My contribution to the forthcoming issue is The First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:41h): Illinois: Skokie man sues over denial of concealed carry permit

A 69-year-old Skokie man filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court claiming the state unconstitutionally denied him a permit to carry a concealed gun.John Berron applied for a concealed carry permit on Jan. 5. He got a letter on March 19 that said that the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board received an objection to his application and found he was ineligible for a permit. The Illinois State Police denied his application on that date. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.04.2014 18:41h): Florida: House to vote on insurance rules

The Florida House is scheduled to vote on a bill Monday that would make it illegal for insurance companies to deny policies or charge higher rates solely based on gun ownership. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (21.04.2014 22:34h): Missouri: House Could Consider NRA-Supported Bill at Anytime

At anytime, the Missouri House of Representatives could bring up for consideration Senate Joint Resolution 36. [Link] [Cache]

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