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UPDATE (24.10.2014 23:31h): Members of Congress Ask Inspectors General of DOJ, FDIC to Investigate Operation Chokepoint

Coalitions of congressional representatives have issued letters over the past two Thursdays requesting internal investigators at the Department of Justice DOJ and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC to examine Operation Choke Point OPC and any officials and staff involved in the program. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (24.10.2014 23:31h): Anti-NRA Ebola Theme Infects Media, Spreads Rapidly

In the weeks since we last reported on media attempts to tie NRA to the Ebola crisis because of our opposition to the nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy as surgeon general, the anti-gun echo chamber has continued to promote this absurd line of argument. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (24.10.2014 23:31h): Woman Posts Yard Sign to “Out” Neighbor as Concealed Carry Licensee

Few of the anti-gun movement’s positions are as self-defeating and mean-spirited as the impulse to “out” others for the choices they make about their Second Amendment rights. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (24.10.2014 23:31h): Outgoing AG Eric Holder Cites as “Personal Failure” Lack of Additional Gun Control

As Eric Holder's disastrous reign as attorney general comes to a close, he counts among his and his anti-gun administration's biggest failures the inability to further restrict American's Second Amendment rights. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (24.10.2014 15:30h): Obama claims executive privilege over 15,000 Fast and Furious docs

The Obama administration is claiming executive privilege over more than 15,000 documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, including correspondence between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, according to records received Wednesday night by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (24.10.2014 15:30h): New York: Controversy surrounds pistol permit application asking for Facebook information

There's a reason we create private passwords for our social media accounts: the information contained therein is private.We're often warned not to give out these passwords — but how do we react if the police ask for them? That's what appeared to have happened in Watervliet recently, where a form included in the city's pistol permit application included a blank line for applicants to fill-in "Facebook & Password." [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.10.2014 23:27h): Judge says Maine wildlife officials allowed to oppose bear-hunt restrictions

A judge on Wednesday refused to issue an emergency injunction aimed at stopping the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife from using its resources to campaign against a ban on baiting, trapping and using dogs to hunt bears. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.10.2014 15:26h): Backdoor gun control: D.C. sets impossible hurdles for carry permits

The District’s newly minted concealed carry laws require gun owners seeking permits to complete 18 hours of firearms training.One problem: As of Wednesday, the day before a court-ordered deadline for the permitting process to begin, no instructors had been approved to teach the compulsory course. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (23.10.2014 15:26h): Washington: Ex-official may be charged with stealing gun-measure yard signs

A former Bellevue City Council member once called the city’s “last liberal” could be charged with stealing yard signs in a duel over competing gun-background-check initiatives.Police said Margot Blacker, who served on the Bellevue City Council from 1990 through 1997, told them she took signs advocating I-591, which is supported by gun-rights supporters, as retaliation for the theft of signs promoting I-594, a measure that would expand background checks. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 23:23h): Clerk defends himself from armed robbers, KBOB, Albuquerque, N.M. 10/21/14

A pair of armed robbers entered the Pajarito Corner Store in Albuquerque, N.M., and demanded cash. As the pair were leaving, the clerk went to lock the store’s door, at which point one of the criminals leveled a gun at him. The clerk responded by firing at the robbers, striking one and causing both to flee. The thieves fled in a vehicle, but were involved in an accident. Police caught up with the criminals, finding one dead and arranging for the other to be taken to a hospital. The surviving robber will be charged with murder in the death of ... [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 15:20h): Pennsylvania: Officials irked about state bill that could eliminate local gun laws

The Pennsylvania House's passage Monday of a controversial bill granting legal standing to the National Rifle Association to sue over local gun laws has put dozens of municipalities on notice. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 15:20h): Gun-control battle swings to Washington state

The center of the national debate over firearm background checks has, for the moment, moved to Washington state.Next month, residents of Washington state will get to vote on whether gun buyers should be subject to background checks for purchases made at gun shows or online. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 15:20h): Va. Beach OK's gun agenda item, triggering dissent

The city's legislative agenda isn't normally all that controversial for residents. But an item about guns this year has gotten people talking.The proposal asks the General Assembly to consider requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms. Failure to do so within two days of realizing a gun has disappeared would result in a civil fine. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 15:20h): Tennessee: Residents petition for Farragut guns in parks ban to be lifted

Another effort to repeal Farragut's ban on guns in parks is underway. A change in state law in 2009 allowed handgun permit holders to carry their weapons into parks, but local governments could opt out. That's what Farragut decided to do and they've stuck with it when the issue came up again last year. [Link] [Cache]

UPDATE (22.10.2014 07:19h): Pennsylvania: 2014 Legislative Session Ends With Victory

After four years of effort, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives finally passed critical firearms preemption legislation. Yesterday, the state House voted to concur on the Senate amendments to House Bill 80 by an overwhelming 138 to 56 vote. HB 80, when signed into law, will strengthen the state firearms preemption statute to further ensure that firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout Pennsylvania. [Link] [Cache]

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