OPINION: Brandishing a Silencer – Is it a Crime?

We all know that brandishing a firearm can subject us to state law firearms or concealed weapons violations in most state. While a silencer in of and by itself is not a firearm, most states define it as a weapon under their state statutes. Most brandishing statutes penalize certain behavior dealing with firearms and weapons. What that being said, how many of you have taken your silencer out to show to someone.

In Florida and many states that have concealed weapons permits, it is illegal to show someone a firearm or weapon under certain circumstances. With this in mind, you should be careful to comply with your states concealed weapons laws when showing people your silencer. Many people do not realize they are legal and because of this it is possible that you could be reported for having one and charged with a crime and the person reporting it may provide the police enough information to charge you with the crime of brandishing.

While we have not heard of anyone being charged with this crime, you should be very careful when displaying any firearm or weapon in public.

David Goldman is a Gun Trust Lawyer® and writes the NFA Gun Trust Lawyers Blog. This blog focuses on legal and practical advise for firearms owners. In addition, there is specific information on which NFA firearms are permitted in each state and how to a properly written gun trust can help protect you and your family from the problems associated with traditional estate planning and inheritance which are associated with firearms.

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