Another Reason to Avoid California

Another reason to avoid California

As we all know, California is a state that is populated with crazy people. What most Americans don’t realize is that when you’re declared mentally incompetent in another state, they just ship you off to California to fit in.

Recently, while looking at guns online, I stumbled across an article that shows even some of the gun owners in California are crazy… blasphemy, I know.   The fact is, the gun laws in California are terrible and not only is concealed carry not allowed, but open carry isn’t allowed either.

However, open carry is legal as long as you have an unloaded gun. And the article I was reading mentioned several “open carry advocates” in California who walk around in public with an unloaded gun to try and advance their 2nd Amendment rights.

Let me say that again… they frequently walk around open carrying an unloaded gun.

Now, I’m all for supporting the 2nd Amendment and there are few things I regard as more important than my right to bear arms. However, I am also not an idiot. If you are carrying a gun on you it needs to be loaded. And please understand that the word “loaded” means having a round in the chamber.

Every time someone tells me that they don’t carry a round in the chamber because they feel it’s unsafe, I cringe. There’s a pretty good chance if you ever have to use your gun to defend your life that you’re going to need it fast. And that extra time it takes to chamber the round may be the difference between seeing your family again or not.

Also, the dirt bag criminal attacking you will probably have a loaded gun…

So why in the world would you put an unloaded gun against a loaded gun? (If you still think you shouldn’t have a round in the chamber, the bus to California will pick you up soon.)

In all seriousness, most of us have guns because we want to protect ourselves. And we should give ourselves every advantage we can. After all, we’re already going to be a step behind because we’ll likely be responding to an attack, so we shouldn’t do anything to slow ourselves down even further.

In addition to not slowing ourselves down, we should also not make ourselves a target in the first place. In other words, it is not a good idea to walk around the streets with an unloaded gun…  and now I feel crazy for having to make this obvious point.


Jason R. Hanson is a former CIA officer. He’s also an NRA Certified Instructor and the author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry: Confessions of a Former CIA Officer. Jason believes there are few things in life as important as being able to protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s why he’s giving away a free report titled, “Insider Secrets of Buying Your First Concealed Carry Firearm” at

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2 Responses to Another Reason to Avoid California

  1. Hello, although it’s true California has many useless gun laws, I would remind you that there are states with far worse laws. New York, New Jersey and Illinois come to mind.
    There are also many fine organizations fighting for the rights of law abiding CA gun owners. The Calguns foundation, California Rifle and Pistol Association, The Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA’, plus many fine individuals too numerous to name. (see Nordyke v. King)
    I would also like to point out that you can CCW in CA. Although It can be more difficult then it should be, there are counties that will issue citizens a permit.

    As for loaded open carry, it was banned in 1967 by the Mulford act, a bill by the way, that was signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan. It is difficult to understand why folks would carry unloaded, some do as a political statement, some because they live in a county where they can’t get a CCW permit. In their defense, they do carry the loaded magazines with them. It is far from a perfect solution. But one that law abiding gun owners deal with until the law can be changed.


  2. I agree if you live in another state where your able to have a CCW then I would stay there! CA is very tricky in some counties/cities will issue a CCW and some wont, some cities like SF have issues with CCW’s issued from outher Cities/Counties with-in the state. How crazy is it that this issue is dealt with by city to city or county to county with in a massive state like CA. God forbid you need to move with-in CA you could “Draw” the short stick and move into a county that wont issue a CCW. To have a CCW in CA and then move to a authority that wont issue you one, is the worse, this just does not make sense. Other states allow you to drive using other states licenses, your marriage is valid in other states, why not have CCW valid as well. Make it all on the same leval.

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